[ Play ] Hudson: Game over, man!

[ Play ] Apone: Nobody touch nothin'! [06/02/00]

[ Play ] Newt: Affirmative. [06/02/00]

[ Play ] Hudson: We're on an express elevator to hell! [09/17/03]

Army of Darkness

[ Play ] Ash: Well, hello, Mr. Fancypants. [06/02/00]

[ Play ] Bad-Ash: "I'm bad Ash and you're good Ash. You're a goody little two-shoes. You're goody little two-shoes, goody little two-shoes... hahaha."
Ash: "Good...bad. I'm the guy with the gun." [09/17/03]

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Austin Powers 2

[ Play ] Fat Bastard: I'm dead sexy. [06/02/00]

[ Play ] Fat Bastard: GET IN MY BELLY! [06/02/00]

[ Play ] Dr. Evil: wwwShhhh dot com... dot org. [06/02/00]

Link: More Austin Powers 2 sounds at

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

[ Play ] Ferris: How can I possibly be expected to handle school on a day like this?

[ Play ] Teacher: (taking attendance) Bueller?....... Bueller?.......Bueller?
Girl: Um, he's sick. My best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who's going with a girl who saw Ferris pass out at 31 Flavors last night. I guess it's pretty serious.

[ Play ] Ferris: I asked for a car, I got a computer. How's that for being born under a bad sign?

[ Play ] Ferris: Pardon my French, but Cameron is so tight that if you stuck a lump of coal up his ass, in two weeks you'd have a diamond.

[ Play ] Mr. Rooney: He jeopardizes my ability to effectively govern this student body.
Grace: He makes you look like an ass is what he does, Ed.

[ Play ] Cameron: He'll keep callin' me.... he'll keep callin' me until I go over. He'll make me feel guilty...THIS IS.... This is ridiculous, ok? I'll go. I'll go. I'll go. I'll go. I'll go... wai.. I'll go... shit.
(car starts... then stops, sounds of Cameron hitting his hand against the car's seat)
(car starts and roars... Cameron screams... car stops.)
Forget it... that's it.

Link: More Ferris sounds at

Happy Gilmore

[ Play ] Happy getting BLEEPED on TV. [06/02/00]

[ Play ] Happy: The price is wrong, bitch! [06/02/00]

[ Play ] Happy: You're gonna die, clown! [06/02/00]

[ Play ] Happy: That's your HOME, ball! Are you too good for your HOME?! [06/02/00]

Link: More Happy Gilmore sounds at


[ Play ] Corky: I just hate you, and I hate your ass face! (Waiting For Guffman) [08/01/01]

[ Play ] Sloth: RUTH! RUTH! RUTH! BABY? RUTH! (The Goonies) [07/26/01]

[ Play ] Old Lady: I've fallen, and I can't get uuuuup! (Life Alert Commercial) [07/25/01]

[ Play ] Robbie: Once again, things that could have been brought to my attention YESTERDAY!!! (The Wedding Singer) [06/02/00]

[ Play ] THX Deep Note [06/02/00]

[ Play ] Carol Anne: They're heeeere. (Poltergeist) [06/02/00]

[ Play ] Obi-Wan Kenobi: Remember, the force will be with you, always. (Star Wars: A New Hope) [06/02/00]

[ Play ] Cole: I see dead people. (The Sixth Sense) [06/02/00]

[ Play ] Mr. Blonde: Are you gonna bark all day, little doggy, or are you gonna bite? (Reservoir Dogs) [06/02/00]

[ Play ] Pinky excited about a chain letter. (Pinky and the Brain) [06/02/00]

[ Play ] Det. John Kimble: It's not a tumor. (Kindergarten Cop) [06/02/00]

[ Play ] Stansfield: Bring me everyone.
Malky: Everyone?
Stansfield: EVERYONE! (Leon/The Professional) [06/02/00]

[ Play ] Mike Meyer's tirade about how much he hates Colonel Sanders (So I Married An Axe Murderer) [06/02/00]

[ Play ] Michelle: This one time, at band camp... (American Pie) [06/02/00]

[ Play ] This is a Delta Airlines Commercial, Jive-style... you dig? [02/09/00]

[ Play ] Venkman: Back off, man. I'm a scientist. (Ghostbusters)

[ Play ] Doc Holliday: I'm your huckleberry. (Tombstone)

[ Play ] Joshua: Shall we play a game? (War Games)

[ Play ] Lloyd: Is it possible for you to shut the fuck up for ten seconds? (The Ref)

[ Play ] Pedro: Pissed off now, Joboo. Look, I go to you. I stick up for you. You no help me now, I say fuck you, Joboo, I do it myself. (Major League)

[ Play ] Jiveman1: Sheeeet, man, that honkey mus' be messin' my old lady got to be runnin' col' upside down his head!
(Golly, that white fellow should stay away from my wife or I will punch him.)
Jiveman2: Hey Holm, I can dig it! You know he ain't gonna lay no mo' big rap upon you man!
(Yes, he is wrong for doing that.)
Jiveman1: I say hey sky, s'other say I won say I pray to J I get the same ol' same ol.
(I knew a man in a similar predicament, and he ended up being sorry.)
Jiveman2: Knock yourself a pro slick. Gray matter back got perform' us' down I take TCBin, man'.
(Don't be naive, Arthur. Each of us faces a clear moral choice.)
Jiveman1: You know wha' they say: See a broad to get that bodiac lay'er down an' smack 'em yack 'em.
(Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.)
Jiveman1: Col' got to be! Yo!
(How true!)
Jiveman1: Sheeeeeeet!

[ Play ] George McFly: Hey you... get your damn hands off her! (Back to the Future)

[ Play ] Forrest: Sometimes I guess there just aren't enough rocks. (Forrest Gump)

[ Play ] Malcolm: That is one big pile of shit. (Jurassic Park)


[ Play ] Violet - Abbie Gardner [01/05/00]

[ Play ] Rosie Knows Something - Abbie Gardner [01/05/00]

[ Play ] Temptation - Abbie Gardner [01/05/00]

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

[ Play ] Neal: You're no saint. You got a free cab, you got a free room and someone who will listen to your boring stories. I mean didn't you notice on the plane, when you starting talking, eventually I started reading the vomit bag?

[ Play ] Neal: Del.
Del: Hmmm.
Neal: Why did you kiss my ear?
Del: Why are you holding my hand?
Neal: Where's your other hand?
Del: Between two pillows.
Neal: Those aren't pillows!
(much shivering and grimacing by both)
Neal: See that Bears game last week?
Del: Yeah, helluva a game, helluva game. Bears gotta great team this year.

[ Play ] Rental Car Clerk: Welcome to Marathon. May I help you?
Neal: Yes.
Clerk: How may I help you?
Neal: You can start by wiping that fucking dumb-ass smile off your rosey fucking cheeks. Then you can give me a fucking automobile. A fucking Datsun. A fucking Toyota. A fucking Mustang. A fucking Buick. Four fucking wheels and a seat.
Clerk: I really don't care for the way you're speaking to me.
Neal: And I really don't care for the way your company left me in the middle of fucking nowhere, with the fucking keys to a fucking car that isn't fucking there. And I really didn't care to fucking walk down a fucking hiway and across a fucking runway to get back here to have you smile at my fucking face. I want a fucking car right fucking now.
Clerk: May I see your rental agreement.
Neal: I threw it away.
Clerk: Oh boy...
Neal: Oh boy what?
Clerk: You're fucked.

[ Play ] Del: I've never seen a guy get picked up by his testicles before. Lucky thing for you that cop passed by when he did. Otherwise you'd be looking up your schnutz to tie your shoes. I'm sorry, that's terrible. Do you have any idea how glad I am I didn't kill you?
Neal: Do you have any idea how glad I'd be if you had?

[ Play ] Neal: Let me just close this conversation by saying that you are one unique individual.
Del: What is "unique"? Latin for "asshole?"

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The Princess Bride

[ Play ] Humperdinck: She is alive, or was an hour ago. If she is otherwise when I find her, I shall be very put out. [06/02/00]

[ Play ] Vizzini: Inconceivable!

[ Play ] Inigo: Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

[ Play ] Vizzini: Haha.. you fool! You fell victim to one of the classic blunders. The most famous is: Never get involved in a land war in Asia. Only slightly less well know is this: Never go against a Sicilian when death is on the line!

Link: More Princess Bride sounds at

Pulp Fiction

[ Play ] Jules: Mmmm... this is a tasty burger. [06/02/00]

[ Play ] (Gunshot) Jules: Oh, I'm sorry did I break your concentration? [06/02/00]

Link: More Pulp Fiction sounds at

Raising Arizona

[ Play ] Well, sometimes I get the menstrual cramps real hard. [06/02/00]

[ Play ] A bit of dialogue about freezin' and gettin' down on the ground [06/02/00]

[ Play ] Son, you got a panty on your head. [06/02/00]

Link: More Raising Arizona sounds at

The Simpsons

[ Play ] Homer: Lisa, you and your stories. Bart is a vampire; beer kills brain cells. Now let's go back to that... building thingy, where our beds and TV is. [06/02/00]

[ Play ] Homer: Dear Baby, welcome to Dumpsville. Population: You. [06/02/00]

[ Play ] Homer: Ah, donuts. Is there anything they can't do? [06/02/00]

[ Play ] Mr. Burns: Excellent. [06/02/00]

[ Play ] Homer: D'oh! [06/02/00]

[ Play ] Nelson: Ha, ha! [06/02/00]

[ Play ] Homer: The mail! The mail is here! Ooooo! [06/02/00]

[ Play ] Homer: Woohoo! [06/02/00]

[ Play ] Ralph Wiggum: I bent my wookie! [06/02/00]

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South Park

[ Play ] Cartman: ... me love you long time... sucky sucky... [02/15/01]

[ Play ] Cartman plans to play with himself [02/15/01]

[ Play ] Kyle: KICK THE BABY! [02/15/01]

[ Play ] Cartman: Day's never finished, massa got me workin..." [02/15/01]

[ Play ] Cartman: I'm not fat; I'm big-boned!

"TIMMY!" SOUNDS (click number to play): 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 [06/02/00]

[ Play ] Fucking Windows 98! [06/02/00]

[ Play ] Shelly talks about her Britney Spears records. [06/02/00]

Link: More South Park sounds at

The Usual Suspects

[ Play ] Verbal Kint: And like that... he's gone. [06/02/00]

[ Play ] Verbal Kint: The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.

Link: More Usual Suspects sounds at