[NEW!] LINK: The Ultimate Showdown - Let the most awesomest battle begin! [02/14/06].

[NEW!] Star Wars l33t Trailer - An Episode III trailer subtitled for our l33t-speaking friends. [01/30/06]

LINK: Video: A couple of earnest Chinese students pour their hearts into the Backstreet Boys' "I Want It That Way." -- I like them better than the real BSB. [10/26/05]

LINK: Flash movie: LOST season one recap - to the tune of Bohemian Rhapsody. Absolute genius. [10/12/05]

LINK: IFILM: Watch the first 9 minutes of Serenity - The best movie nobody saw! [10/10/05]

Shining! - A new, feel-good look at the classic Stanley Kubrick film [10/05/05]

Link: The Boogeyman's Birthday -- a great short film! [09/12/03]

Ah, L'Amour - A Bitter Film by Don Hertzfeldt [09/18/03]

Kid Getting Whacked With Basketball -- watch him fly! [04/24/00]

The "Superfriends: True" movie -- based on Budweiser's original "Waasuup!" commercial. [02/08/00]