Ebonics Aptitudes Test

Sum o yo Info ______________________

Yo Native Name ______________________
Da numbaz on yo crib ______________________
Yo Mofo hometown ______________________

(1) It wuz dursday, five o'clock. ah' wuz walkin' plantation fum wo'k when dere wuz some large disturbance. What it is, Mama! No'mally, ah' go plantation to mah' mama and kids, feed da (2) bud a big-ass dinner, and den go t'bed. Dis day wuz different.

Out in de street, some car had turned ova' and (3) sucka's wuz screamin' all around. It peeped likes two sucka's wuz caught in de flamin' car. Ah be baaad... No one wuz around t'help. Quickly, ah' to'e off mah' suit and ran towards de wreckedge t'offa' my help. Even dough dis happened five minutes ago, dere wuz still no (4)honky pigs officers o' fire fighters o' emergency teams arrivin'.

A'cuz ah' am smart, ah' brought out mah' handy wrench and unscrewed da damn bolt fum some fire hydrant. Dis caused some lot uh (5)booze t'come out. Derefo'e, de fire wuz put out and everybody wuz safe fo' de moment. Den, ah' realized dat da damn car wuz fallin' apart and wuz still real hot. ah' knowed dat it wuz down to me t'save da damn sucka's inside uh de car. Ah be baaad... ah' tried t'jimmey de doo'. ah' tried t'punch out da damn window wid mah' fist uh steel.

Nodin' wo'ked. Finally, two brother kids and ah' turned ova' de wheels wid our bare hands and pulled da damn passengers to safety. (6)Slap mah fro! Afta' we had finished, de honky pigs arrived and told everyone t'stand back. ah' realized dat ah' burned mah' hands and would neva' be able t'right again. 'S coo', bruh. ah' cried, cuz' I realized dat my (7)letta' writin' campaign t'instituted ebonics in farm would neva' continue. What it is, Mama!

Monds later, letters came t'my crib, offerin' t'help wid my cause. What it is, Mama! ah' wuz so's touched by dis sympady dat ah' cried. (8)Finally, sucka's wuz dig itin' de value uh sub-standard lin'uistics!

1. The etymology of Dursday is:

2. Bud most likely refers to:

3. This line is borrowed from the work of:

4. Honkey is "old" ebonics, its closest current synonym is:

5. Instead of "booze to flow out", which would be most correct:

6. This idiomatic expression is commonly misused to mean:

7. A common complaint about this sentence is:

8. The sentence (8) refers to can best be paraphrased as: