A collection of SPAM Haiku

Pink tender morsel,
Glistening with salty gel.
What the hell is it?
Ears, snouts and inards,
A homogeneous mass.
Pass another slice.
Cube of cold pinkness
Yellow specks of porcine fat.
Give me a spork please.
Old man seeks doctor.
"I eat SPAM daily", says he.
Highly unnatural,
The tortured shape of this "food":
A small pink coffin.
Some folks don't like it.
Some insist on derision.
Back off, SPAM haters!
Preserved meat product.
See it shimmer in the light.
How bad could it be?
Camping is a time
to show others the allure
of the cold, pink blob.
It's likely a bad idea
to have SPAM and eggs.
Spam, spam, spam, spam, spam:
Spam-spam; spam, spam, spam spam spam?
Spam spam, "Spam!," spam spam.