Be My Guest

(Theme song from the "Beauty and the Beast")

New Lyrics by:
John P. Daley and Scott Danby

Be my guest,
Be my guest,
Put my service to the test.
Wrap your legs around my waist, cherie,
And I will do the rest.
Menage a trois, 69,
Without your clothes, you look just fine
Try the white stuff, its delicious
Don't believe? Ask da bitches.
They can scream. They can moan.
When I give them all the bone
Cuz a screwing here is never 2nd best!
Come on un zip my pants
Then take a look, a glance
Be my guest!
I'm the best!
Be my guest!

Be my love,
Be my slave,
Let's kick back and watch some Dave.
I'll prepare
And then I'll spelunk in your cave
We're alone and your scared
but the bedroom's all prepared
No one's ever been complaining
Cuz I'm always entertaining
I sell smokes, you turn tricks
I'm the dick to end all Dicks!
Lick me, bite me, blow me, give me head
You're such a nice young lass
Come on and shake your ass

Be my guest
If you're stressed
It's my love spear
I suggest
Be my guest
I'm the best
Be my guest

Life is disconcerting
To a flirter who's not flirting
He's not whole without a soul
to jump upon

Ah, those good old days when I was fruitful
Tonight we'll be fruitful until dawn
Three weeks it's been missing
Needing so much more than kissing
Needing exercise, a chance to use my skill
Most days I just jerk off in the bathroom.
Flabby fat and lazy
You walk in and I go crazy!

It's a guest!
It's a guest!
Sakes alive she's got a chest!
Wine's been poured
and I've been bored
Gosh I'd love to stroke her breast

With dessert she'll want me
With some luck we'll make it three
While the bed starts in a-squeaking
I'll be coming, I'll be peaking.
You'll get warm, piping hot,
Heaven's sake is that a spot?
Clean it up we want the company impressed.
I've got you to do
Was that one fuck or two?

For you my guest
She's my guest

My command is your request
It's been three weeks since
I've been anybody's peaks
And I'm obsessed
You're a treat, you're a tease
Yes indeed I aim to please
Through the night we'll keep a-going
Pretty soon you'll be a-glowing
Thrust by thrust
One by one
Till you shout "Enough, I've coming"
Then I'll wisk you off
To bed for oral sex
Tonight you'll prop your feet up
And I'll start to eat up

Be my guest
I'm the best!