To play the Star Wars Drinking game, you will need:

Begin by inserting your weatherbeaten "Star Wars" videotape into the big slot on your VCR. Play the tape. Dim the lights for dramatic effect if you haven't already. The game begins right as "20th Century Fox" appears.

Basically, every time one of the listed events occurs, everybody takes a sip of their drink. If you are using alcoholic beverages, I really don't recommend emptying a whole glass each time. You will lose conciousness before Vader even says "Don't underestimate the Force".

Drink whenever:

The game ends when a bunch of Ewoks start dancing. No matter what you've been drinking, you will remember this image. The last person to give up drinking on each cue is the winner. Of course, ties are possible.

If at some point you find that no one can successfully operate the VCR anymore, the game may as well be abandoned.