Version 1.5

The Simpsons Drinking Game

Created and Thoroughly Tested by Joey Berner
(Internet address:

The Rules:

  1. During the show, every player drinks once/twice/three times (depending on classification) for categories one through three.
  2. Every supporting character class is divided by the number of players. Each player chooses an equal number of supporting characters and drinks whenever one of their characters appears on screen for the first time, even if they do not speak.
    NOTE: Characters can be picked anonymously (names in a hat, etc.) or players can choose their characters.
  3. During "The Opening" - drink once every time you see one of the following things:
    • a) The Blackboard
    • b) The Couch gag
    • c) Lisa plays her sax
    • d) Maggie is scanned across the register ($847.63)
    • e) Mr. Burns checks his watch
    • f) Marge runs the stop sign
    • g) Homer screams in the driveway
    • h) The panoramic shot of Springfield
  4. NOTE: All the characters/situations marked with an asterisk are suggestions from Bill Oakley and the staff of the Simpsons. Thanks, Bill!



Three times:


Level 1: (one drink)

Level 2: (two drinks!)

Level 3: (three drinks!)

Level 4: (four drinks)

NOTE: Feel free to change the rules to suit your "drinking habits". Any and all comments/feedback are welcome. Just send me an e-mail message.

This game may be distributed to any FTP sites or public forum as long as it is produced in its entirety and with credit to the author. (Joey Berner -