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At lovedungeon, I am clearly a big supporter of humour, and I do my best to connect you with the best comedy website out there. This site was temporarily down for a few years whilst I took a break from managing a comedy site, as it was a huge waste of time despite being very fun. I chose to focus on my finances for a little while. I am back now though as I have some decent investments going which are earning me a decent return so that I have more free time to do what I love, and managing lovedungeon is definitely one of those things. But, to my readers, I urge you to focus on your finances too. We can have fun here, but there is much more to life!

There was this thing a few months back in the news feeds about a couple who quit their jobs to travel the world. All of a sudden, a lot of people now value travel and "experiences" over money.

Seems to be a bit of wisdom there. Like, people work so hard until they're 60 and then they get sick from too much stress and then all the money they've saved up, it turns out, they've been saving up to pay for their hospital bills. So yeah, we should enjoy life while we're young!

But then, it turned out that that couple was living a hand to mouth existence as they "traveled the world." They were cleaning toilets, chopping wood and doing countless odd jobs in different countries just to have enough for their plane tickets and living expenses.

That's a bit of a bummer on your vacation.

But wouldn't it be nice if you were still young and you have the time and the strength and the MONEY to enjoy life?

Guess what? I actually found something that would help me with that lofty goal. I wanted control of my time and I wanted to have stable finances to enable me to enjoy that time I have on my hands.

I discovered passive income and investing.

Working a 9 to 5 job day in and day out, I discovered, was not going to make me rich. Even operating a business was not the answer to what I wanted. But with investing, I was raking in passive income. I was just putting in the capital and then watching it work by itself - compounding through time, giving me regular payments, whether in dividends or interest income, while my original capital continued to appreciate in value.

And in the investing game, you don't really need to be a Warren Buffet or have an MBA or something like that. But you need to know the right people to whom you can entrust your capital to. Fortunately for me, I was able to find that. And ever since then, I've been learning a lot about income sources that won't eat up my time and will give me a steady stream of cash.

Here are some of what I discovered:

1. Dividend paying stocks with low beta 2. Rental properties in undervalued locations 3. UITFs 4. Precious metals

It will take a much longer post to give the details on all of these.

Suffice it to say, I am no longer tied to the rat race. I'm financially free.

With that said, here are my recommended sites in the financial industry, for you to check out and follow the path that I took:

Schwab for wealth management

LOM for offshore bank accounts (I particularly recommend their offshore mutual funds, I have a substantial amount of my asset portfolio allocated there.)

Daily finance for free financial advice